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Game Projectes

Spite: Necrosia

This was the first project we used our own engine and not an engine provided by the school. That implied doing everything from scratch, if you wanted a feature you had to implement it yourself. The goal of the project was to create a Diablo 3 clone. The project lasted 14 weeks.

My Contributions:

  • Model viewer and pipeline

  • Threaded animation system

  • Volumetric lights
  • Particle editor with multi-threaded particle systems


After finishing Spite: Necrosia, we were instructed to create an FPP (first-person perspective) game in our in-house engine. The difference this time being we could choose our reference games ourselves. We chose a mix between Dead Space and Alien Isolation. The projects lasted 15 weeks

My Contributions:

  • Soft shadows for every light type.

  • Screen space reflections

  • Multi-threaded Entity-Component-System
  • Modular weapon editor
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