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Who am I?


I started my journey in Helsingborg located in the south of Sweden. Where I went to high school and discovered my passion for producing games. I always had a passion for playing games and loved high fidelity graphics. I myself asked the question, how does it actually work? I then encountered a game engine named Unity. Immediately fell in love with problem-solving and being allowed to let my creativity flow. Throughout my time at high school, I created many small games in this engine and I knew that in the future I will work in this profession. So I applied for the school where I'm at right now (The Game Assembly). 


I work most efficiently in C++, but I'm not afraid to learn new programming languages. I'm comfortable working with C# in Unity and I know my ways around it well. Where my interest lies in is working with the graphics card and memory management. Therefore I have a high standard when writing my code, there is always a reason behind every line that I write. I can also communicate why I wrote it in the way that I did. Furthermore, I have a great understanding of how the CPU and the cache mechanically work. I comprehend the workflow of data-oriented programming well and I'm used to working in that peculiar way.

Working With Me

I'm a social person, always loved working with other people on projects. People often tell me that I'm very energetic and upfront about things. The highlight of studying at The Game Assembly for me has been to take part in the game projects with people like-minded. One of my strengths are that I'm very straightforward in my communication and that it is in my core to speak to different people. Furthermore, I comprehend the significance of deadlines and delivering what you committed yourself to deliver. My main driving force is a good challenge, every time I get stuck in the process I just get more motivated to figure it out. It's almost an obsession with the problem until I finally crack it.

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